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Charlene Carreuthers
Power concedes nothing without an organized demand.” 
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What is Jerry Barberio up to now?

Village Manager Barberio plans to gut the Village's longstanding volunteer boards. He wants to dissolve the Flood Advisory Committee, the Budget Committee and more and replace them with paid employees that he will control.  Read more.

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UPDATE on Village Manager Barberio's EEOC Complaint. Complaint withdrawn. No lawsuit filed. Read more.

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Curbing Village Legal Costs

There's currently much discussion about legal costs in the Village.


A taxpayer oversight group suggests that the Village not litigate cases involving commercial or residential developers because of the expense to the Village. But then how should the Village defend residents’ rights and ensure laws are followed? 


Others call for citizens to stop pushing for governmental reform or appealing legal decisions in order to reduce Village legal expenses. But then how do citizens ensure their constitutional rights?  


It makes sense to take a closer look at just how much of the Village budget is going towards legal costs, in particular, litigation costs (which you may be surprised to learn is less than 1% of the total Village budget), as we consider alternative options for curbing this expenditure. Read more

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Did You Know? Series

The Mamaroneck Project seeks to be a resource to clarify how our Village government works. 


Check out our first installment  which describes the Village of Mamaroneck's weak mayor/strong manager (Council-Manager) form of government and take the Did You Know? Quiz 1. Read more.

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Because Facts Matter!

The Mamaroneck Project is committed to providing a balanced perspective regarding Village issues and potential solutions, always keeping in mind what's in the best interest of Village residents. We promise to rely upon facts, ask pertinent questions and make relevant source material available to our readers.

Send us an email at if you would like to receive alerts when we post new information on the site.

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