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Did You Know?

A Guide to How VOM Government Works


The Village of Mamaroneck operates under what is known as a weak mayor/strong manager (Council-Manager) form of government comprised of the following three branches:

  • Administrative - Office of the Village Manager

  • Legislative - The Board of Trustees, comprised of an elected mayor and four trustees

  • Judicial/Regulatory Boards - Two elected Village justices and four land use boards whose members are appointed by the the Board of Trustees

Effective local government depends on a balance of the powers of policy making and policy implementation. The separation of powers between the distinct branches prevents the concentration of power in any one department.

Village Branches of Govt.png

So, who’s the boss in local government?


For day-to-day operations and policy implementation, the Village Manager is the boss under the guidance of legislation passed by the Board of Trustees. When it comes to policy making and budgets, the legislative branch – the Board of Trustees - is the boss. And land-use boards are independent decision makers when it comes to implementation of land use policies and ordinances. Successful local government officials understand their respective roles and work together for the benefit of their communities.

Responsibilities of the Mayor and Board of Trustees

Under our Council-Manager form of government, the mayor’s duties include presiding over meetings of the trustees, making certain appointments and performing other tasks. See the description of the authority of the mayor in the Village Code.


When it comes to legislative actions, the mayor has no more power than the four Trustees serving on the Board. Each has one vote; no one has veto power. The Board of Trustees as a group enacts laws and policies, makes decisions regarding expenditure of tax dollars, and decides how to respond to lawsuits against the Village. See the description of the Board of Trustees in the Village Code

In other words, the mayor is not the Executive branch of the Village. The Board of Trustees as a collaborative body determines Village policy decisions. 

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