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Did You Know? Quiz 1

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the Village of Mamaroneck government.

When it comes to Village government, let's see if you are - 

  • Expert (5/5 correct)

  • Smarty Pants (4/5 correct)

  • Reasonably Informed 3/5 correct)

  • In Need of More Info and should subscribe to TheMamaroneckProject Update Alerts (less than 3 correct)

Vote Boxes

How many Village of Mamaroneck residents voted in the November 2020 election?

Out of ~12.5k registered voters, ~75% voted for a presidential candidate, but only ~52% cast a vote in the local elections.


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Does the Mayor's vote count more than those of the other four members of the Board of Trustees?

No. He has the same single vote as the other members of the Board.


Under our Village Manager form of government, the Mayor  presides at Board of Trustees meetings; and has the same power as a trustee to vote upon all matters coming before the board without veto power.

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Signing a Contract
  1. Who runs the administrative operations of the Village ?

The Village Manager.

The Village Manager is the CEO and the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village. The Village operates under the Council-Manager form of government. In this form of government, the elected Board of Trustees sets policy for the Village and the appointed Village Manager implements the policies in an efficient and professional manner ensuring that the village and its residents receive the highest levels of service.


VOM Zoning map_edited.jpg
  1. How are Village zoning laws established?

Village Zoning Laws are passed by the Board of Trustees following required public notice.

NYS law requires zoning laws to be adopted in accordance with a village's Comprehensive Plan. The power to zone is derived from the state's delegation to residents the power to  plan the future development of their village.     

Click here to view the VOM Zoning Code.


  1. Does the  Board of Trustees advise land use boards on applications under their review?

No. The Board of Trustees, as the legislative branch of the government, should never attempt to influence the decisions of the land use boards. A democracy must strive to keep politics out of the fair and equitable application of local laws and ordinances. The separation of the legislative and regulatory branches of government is an integral aspect to democracy.


How did you do? Send us an email with your score!

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